What every cyclist wants this Christmas

If you’re shopping for presents for a die-hard cyclist, it’s highly likely that they’ll want to purchase their own wheels and other bike parts, so what can you get them instead?

Whether they’re into mountain biking or road racing, you can’t go wrong with the following gifts.


A Handy Hydration Pack

Anyone who is heading out on a long journey needs to think about how to stay hydrated. Hydration packs are worn like backpacks and allow several litres of water to be carried in a way that won’t unbalance a bike. A pack allows the cyclist to drink safely while on the move.

At the same time many hydration packs come with storage that will allow them to keep snacks and other essentials about their person. For any keen cyclist a hydration pack is a key item that will help them to go further when out on their bike.

A Smart Computer

A smart computer attached to a person’s bicycle is a great way to keep track of how fast and how far they’ve been cycling. The latest models can also perform a huge range of different functions that will help them to train and become a better cyclist.

These include keeping track of their heart rate, giving indications that they should have reached a certain point on their route at a certain time and the ability to transfer data to their home computer.

This latter function lets them download training programs and upload the results of their cycling sessions, helping them to keep track of their progress and fine tune their cycling.

A New Trainer

Anyone who wants to keep cycling when the weather isn’t suitable should invest in some kind of trainer. At their simplest trainers are basic mats with rollers that sit under the back wheels of a bicycle. The more advanced models come with frames to better support your bike and software to monitor heart rate and cadence.

If you’re purchasing for someone who is keeping to a training regime then a trainer is a cost effective way to help them stick to their plan during the winter months. In addition to buying the trainer it makes sense to invest in trainer tyres. These are much quieter than road tyres and are less prone to wear when used for this purpose.

The Bare Necessities

Looking for Christmas gifts for someone who has just taken up cycling or who you know needs some new equipment? If so then check out this list of the essential items that every cyclist should own:


Perfect for keeping warm when cycling over the festive period, there’s an incredibly wide selection of thermal clothing available for men, women and children when it comes to cycling. These items range from arm and leg warmers to base layers and tights.


Riders wear cycling gloves in order to keep their hands nice and warm and to protect them from being chafed by the grips. Many cycle stores stock gloves in a range of styles including protective fingerless mitts with gel padding and insulated gloves specifically designed to keep out the cold.


A wide range of different socks are worn by riders based on their personal preferences and the time of the year. They come in all sorts of styles, including short, long, thick and thin. Special reflective sock are also available to enhance a cyclist’s visibility whilst keeping their feet toasty.


Safety is paramount when it comes to cycling, especially as the weather gets worse and the roads get icier. No matter whether you need a standard road bike helmet to keep you safe when you’re out and about, or a more substantial helmet to protect you when mountain biking, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for at your local sports store.

Bike tools

Help someone look after their bike this year by giving them a variety of handy multi-tools, including spanners, Allen keys and everything else they might need to keep their bicycle in tip top condition.


As we progress through winter the nights will continue to grow longer, meaning it’s usually dark by the time most people finish work. Any cyclist who knows they might end up riding when the sun is setting would appreciate front and rear LED lights for their bicycle. Headlamps are also available for bike helmets, which is particularly useful for mountain bikers.

Gift Cards

Of course if you still don’t have a clue what to get your bike-fanatic, you could always choose the safe option and purchase gift card. Different stores will allow for various amounts of money on the card, from £5 to £100, simply shop around and found a store that you think has the best offers.

That’s our selection, but we’d love to hear your ideas. What are you buying the cyclist in your life this Christmas? Let us know in the comments section below.

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