Crazy Printed Bike Shorts (Men’s) from Aero Tech Designs

This is my own personal review of the Men’s Crazy Printed Bike Shorts from Aero Tech Designs (ATD), an American cycling apparel manufacturing and sales business popular among the cycling community. Aero Tech Designs has not paid me to give this review of the Men’s Crazy Printed Bike Shorts. I am reviewing the Men’s Crazy Printed Bike Shorts from my own decision because I tried them out, liked them and want to share my thoughts and experiences with using them for you all out there who might be in question of them. I hope you enjoy my review of the ATD Men’s Crazy Printed Bike Shorts product and I encourage you to comment at the end and share this review with your friends.

Crazy Printed Bike Shorts: First Impressions

So I ordered the Red Swirly and the Graffiti crazy printed bike shorts from Aero Tech Designs. It was my first time ordering a bike short with wild and crazy prints on them – I just wanted to try something a bit out of the ordinary of a solid color. The main advantage I feel with these shorts outside of being unique is the fact that they are noticeable really quickly by motor vehicle drivers and that means I have a better chance of not seeing their vehicle’s tires over my face. Best Guide on Selling Your Bike People might laugh and stare at my crazy printed bike shorts but at least I will go home safe and sound after my ride. My first impressions of each short were good: The materials looked well-constructed and the colors were dark enough to where nothing was transparent or see-through when I put them on. They were true to size and the length was perfect for me and I even have longer legs than most people (I’m 6’5” tall). Overall upon first getting my Crazy Printed Bike Shorts from ATD, I was very satisfied.

Crazy Printed Bike Shorts: Chamois Review

The chamois built into the Crazy Printed Bike Shorts by Aero Tech Design is the, Anti-Chafe Lightweight Pad which is among my favorite chamois pads out of all cycling apparel ever made. The pad in thinner than most pads which I personally rather have – I enjoy a more triathlete pad more than a “butt pillow” as some people need. It is really different strokes for different folks when it comes to the chamois type and size. If you prefer a big chamois, then the Crazy Printed Bike Shorts from Aero Tech Designs will not be for you. But if you prefer a thinner pad that still does the job, then I suggest this short for you to try out for yourself. It’s also built-in very well. There was no portions of the pad jabbing into my skin and I felt comfortable with it up against my lower areas – it went with the rest of the short feeling like it was a second skin.

Crazy Printed Bike Shorts: Materials and Testing

The Crazy Printed Bike Shorts is mainly created with Nylon and Spandex tricot knitting. There are 8-panels built into the short which allows it to compress correctly against the body. It felt as if it was a second skin when I wore it. The compression was just the right amount (I’m a Medium) and there is enough stretch on the Crazy Printed Bike Shorts to feel comfortable in when in different riding, walking and sitting positions. They were not too loose, they were not too tight – they were very comfortable to wear. I often wear these shorts when I go mountain biking along hiking areas because they are comfortable to wear for mountain biking and then comfortable to wear for general hiking and clif climbing plus I always get questions about where people can buy them and how cool they look. The legs of the short are seamless and the grippers are made with silicone. My only con of the shorts in the gripper as it’s not the most comfortable gripper. After riding several hundred miles in these shorts, they still feel like new!


Crazy Printed Bike Shorts: Final Thoughts

If I were to give my official Cyclist Review 1-10 score (1 being the worst, 10 being the best), I’d give the Crazy Printed Bike Shorts by Aero Tech Designs a score of 8.5. I would love to see more designs and potentially a different type of leg gripper. Now as for purchasing these shorts – each short will cost you up to about $40.00 USD which isn’t bad at all. They also have other designs (including camo) and other types of crazy printed bottoms like regular spandex shorts and tights. I’d recommend buying the Men’s Crazy Printed Bike Shorts from Aero Tech Designs if you want to try a men’s wild print short out for a change. They also have these shorts for woman and children on their site.

Now Let’s Hear From You!

What did you think of my review of the Men’s Crazy Printed Bike Shorts from Aero Tech Designs? Have you worn these shorts and if so, what did you think of them? Please show me some support for writing this review by sharing it with other cyclists and on your favorite social networking sites. This is one of many ATD reviews I have written so you can expect some more to come soon.

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