Burn off that Holiday Fat with some simple Spinning!

How were your holiday celebrations this year? I know mine was pretty normal and routine! We cooked a huge Thanksgiving dinner with tons of food, pies, and sweets and so on. As a cyclist, you are probably into being healthy but for many people, these couple of months at the end of the year is all about eating. We traditionally eat a big meal on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Even Hanukkah has its elements on eating fried food. The end of the year is one big eating mess for most of us.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss

But do you stop to think about what all that scrumptious food is doing to your body? I’m not telling you to not continue the holiday celebrations of eating a lot – but I am giving you an idea on how to combat the holiday fat that comes with it.

Holiday fat, we never really truly think about holiday fat after celebrating these holidays, do we? Did you that an average Thanksgiving dinner equals up to about 7 cheeseburgers from a fast food joint? That is a lot of burgers and as a cyclist; you know that wouldn’t be such a good idea. So that holiday fat is really holiday fat after all!

Spin that Holiday Fat into Muscle

Spinning or indoor/stationary bicycling is a wonderful method of fighting off holiday fat. Bicycling burns a lot of calories! Cycling can burn triple the amount of calories that you burn on a normal walk through the park for exercise purposes. Cycling is fun, too! Since its most likely cold outside where you are, you can spin instead of riding outside with the uncomfortable elements of winter. A good high-intensity 20 minutes of spinning can allow you to burn something like 2,000 calories which equals to quite a bit of that Thanksgiving or holiday fat that you have taken in.

Put that bike on a trainer and burn that holidat fat away, FAST!

Different Holiday Fat gets different Spinning Sessions

If you ate a lot for the holidays, then you likely got a lot of holiday fat in return! So you are going to want to focus on longer spinning sessions and higher-intensity levels. Get on your trainer or stationary bike and cycle until your heart is pounding out of your chest and you are about to drown in your own sweat. Do this and you will have no trouble at all burning off that holiday fat. If you ate less, then you can spin less! But remember! Cycling is FUN so don’t turn it into some kind of punishment for eating too many slices of cherry pie. Spinning could always be desert for holiday fat!

Holiday Fat shouldn’t be a sin but be careful anyways

Now this article isn’t telling you to eat as much as you want during the holidays because that wouldn’t be a good thing at all! You want to always eat in moderation no matter what the celebration is for whatever day it is. If you eat until you are hurting, your body will start to be hurt in the process. So maybe just get a couple of things to munch on for the holidays so that you don’t earn too much holiday fat in the process. Maybe just take one slice of Grandma’s famous apple pie and enjoy every bite of it instead of scarfing it down like a hungry wolf. Use your brain and that bike as well!

Thanks for reading my article about burning off holiday fat with cycling and spinning. I hope it helps you burn off any holiday fat you earned so far this year! I know it has come in handy for me, lately! Please help support my writing by sharing this article with other cyclists and holiday fat victims that you know.

Your turn! What all do you eat for the holidays? Do you try to use your bike as a tool to cut out that holiday fat?