Foldable Bike Repair Business as a Way to Make Money Cycling

Have you ever thought about opening up your own foldable bicycle repair business before? A foldable bicycle repair business would be a great way to make money with cycling and also very informative to your foldable bicycle lifestyle because you will learn a lot – trust me on that. Starting your own foldable bicycle repair business is fairly simple too especially when you are just getting the best folding bicycle repair business going and don’t have a whole lot of capital to invest in it at the moment.

I started my own foldable bicycle repair business about a year ago. When I market it, I tend to get quite a bit of business and I am in a rural area, too. I could only imagine how much business I’d get in an urban or city environment. Keep on reading this article to learn more about starting your own foldable bicycle repair business.

foldable bicycle
foldable bicycle

Starting Your Own Foldable bicycle Repair Business

Starting a foldable bicycle repair business doesn’t require a whole lot from you. I started out by reading Best Guide on Selling Your Bike and took an old foldable bicycle apart and then fixed it back up a few different times to get the hang of it. Repairing a foldable bicycle isn’t that hard if you dedicate yourself to learning the trade. You need to get yourself some good starter tools before opening your foldable bicycle repair business including a floor pump, tire levers, various bottom bracket removal tools, chain breaker tool, fourth-hand tool (for tightening cables), wire cutters, Allen keys, a basic foldable bicycle multi-tool and a good work stand to protect the bikes from being scuffed up during repair. If you can afford it, get some other tools as well or even consider a tool kit. I also have different inner tubes and a wheel truing stand in my shop as well. As far as tool brands go, Park Tool is the best but Sette is a much affordable option and a good brand at that.


A Foldable bicycle Repair Business Should be a Business

The common work from your bedroom foldable bicycle repair shop that your kid friends might have done is a day of the past. Nowadays, to get the customers you want, you actually need to establish a real business. Sure, buying or renting commercial property is not cheap – trust me, I know this which is why I decided to go with a Rent-to-Own portable building to put in my backyard. I pay for a $1,800 14×8 foot well designed shed which is my official place of business. I have my signs on the shed and everything – it is very much a good business sight, indeed. And with that, if you plan to work on bike for serious customers, you need to be a serious business meaning a registered and insured business. Registering as a business and buying insurance will probably be the most expensive investment but it is an investment after all. Imagine if you messed up a customer’s $20,000 full carbon road bike – Imagine having to pay for that out of pocket – Insurance keeps that from happening, get it!


How to Market a Foldable bicycle Repair Business

Marketing a foldable bicycle repair business isn’t as difficult as you might think. The idea is to hang around places where cyclists are often at and then befriend them and somehow bring up that you run a foldable bicycle repair business. Cyclists love to check out new cycling-related businesses so your foldable bicycle repair business will likely spark their interest. You can also pay for custom-designed apparel to help promote your foldable bicycle repair business. I’m in the process of creating my own Foldable bicycle Repair Business custom branded jersey and bike short kit now and I plan to wear it as a business uniform, why not? It matches the business well! Social media is also a great way to market and promote your foldable bicycle repair business – plenty of free methods to go along with it, just research them.


Expand Your Foldable bicycle Repair Business to Local Riders

Always have expansion in mind… Expand your foldable bicycle repair business when you are able to, consider selling bikes (new and/or used), apparel, gear, components, tools and more. Consider starting a bike rental service or offering bike storage units to local riders. You should also expand to the nature of cycling in the local community of your foldable bicycle repair business. Host cyclist appreciation days where you offer free snacks and tune-ups to X amount of cyclists to show up first. Partner with organized bike ride organizers and offer a gift card for your business as a prize in return that they show you as a sponsor for the organized ride. Keep on trying to expand your reach and you will do fine with your foldable bicycle repair business in the future to come.

So now it’s your turn to go out there and start your own foldable bicycle repair business. I have had a lot of fun with mine so far and I have way more planned for its future, too. Thank you for reading my article about starting your own foldable bicycle repair business. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and I hope it can help you out with starting your own repair business. Please show me some support and encouragement for writing this article. You can support me by simply sharing my article and my blog with other cyclists that you know and especially by sharing this article and my blog on your favorite social networking websites.

Your turn to comment, my friend! Have you ever wanted to start your own foldable bicycle repair business? What sort of foldable bicycle repairs do you already know how to do at the moment?